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Artist biography

Ul2raviolet Music is primarily an electronic music project created in 2010 by Andy Manning from the south coast of the UK.

Unconstrained by any particular genre, I write to inspire, uplift spirits and move the soul.  Genres touched upon include but are not limited to ambient, drone, darkwave, rock, contemporary classical, minimalism and the avant-garde.


Although that is quite a diverse selection of styles to balance, the music is still framed within its own uniquely stylised identity. 

Ul2raviolet is an explosion of musical possibility as strange and beautiful as the first music that you ever heard.  The greatest ability you have is the power to create and I endeavour to create beauty, simplicity and perfection. Music is the universal language.



Dark Gift Radio 

Review by Poppy Silver


It is all too easy to analyse music and miss the point of the artist's creation. That is why with Ul2raViolet, I merely wish to explain the emotions from listening. It is music to liberate, suffocate and entice, mostly, it is music to free the mind from its prison of control.


Whatever your genre of pleasure, Ul2raViolet offers something for all.  I have had the honour of collaborating with Andrew and his devotion and talent are awe inspiring...

Ul2raViolet takes you through the avant-garde, melancholy and electronic futuristic vibe, all at the same time. It is hard to choose a favourite track to be honest.

I really am in awe of his talent, for those who truly appreciate music in every sense, this is a treat to the mind, heart and soul.

So fellow artists and supporters, pop over to his website and FB page and show a talented musician the support he so deserves.
Peace to you all!